Warrender Water Polo is part of Warrender Baths Club, the leading aquatic sports club in Scotland. WBC was formed in 1888 at Warrender Baths on Thirlestane Road, Edinburgh, and is one of the oldest and most famous sports clubs in Edinburgh. The Club has always maintained its place at the forefront of both water polo and swimming in Scotland

Warrender Water Polo is a welcoming, busy club where every member is encouraged to achieve their full potential in water polo through high quality coaching, teamwork and personal development. We also aim to have a lot of fun!

Our Values

• Achieving success at all levels of (competitive swimming and) water polo.

• Providing the highest standards of coaching and training possible.

• Promoting lifelong positive values and qualities in our members.

• Enhancing the status and reputation of water polo and swimming in the Edinburgh and Scottish community

Contact Us

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